Fishing fever and close to a panic attack!

So, it's the end of January and we have put a couple of weeks of intense cold and quite a bit of snow behind us. Now we have mild weather and this is more like the typical winter around here.

Between the the last fishing trip I did last year and christmas, I didn't think much about fishing at all. No sense in torturing yourself when you know that spring is months away right?
But then, christmas eve came and as the previous years, most of the gifts I got were fishing related stuff. This sparks up the ol' fishing fever like nothing else!
This results in me paying my fishing gear room visits every now and then. I don't necessarily do much every time, but just look at the gear and wander away into dreams about being on the water....
Sometimes I'd sharped some hooks, reorganize my lures and stuff like that.

Like I said, it's late January 2016 and it obviously sucks pretty bad to already now have fishing fever and fishing spasms. At the same time, it's really nice to have a hobby that I love so much and can look forward to. Passion!

So, what did I get for christmas you ask? Well, let's take a look:
  • BFT dehooking mat
  • Savage Gear hoodie
  • Savage Gear beanie
  • Columbia fishing shirt
  • Westin Platypus LF 150g Natural Pike
  • SavageGear 4Play Liplure 21g Roach
  • Giftcard to the local sport fishing store M&M Fiske, which materialized to
    • SavageGear 4Play Swimbait 25cm Jack Pike 3D
    • Rapala Magnum 18cm
The Platypus is a lure that I really think will produce. During last season I established a new love for pike patterns on lures. I caught quite a bit of fish on baits with this pattern last season and most likely lost a new PB on the same pattern (I'll be hunting for that fish again next season!).

Some pictures:

4Play Swimbait Jack Pike 3D, Rapala Magnum, Platypus LF 150gr Natural Pike og 4Play Liplure 21g Roach

SavageGear beanie, SavageGear hoodie og Columbia shirt
BFT dehooking mat

Ok, so I get that this is beyond nerdy, but when you have fishing fever and hardly can wait to get started on a new season, this is a way to release some of the pressure/tension.

I'm ready for some real mild and dry weather so that I can start fixing my boat. Hopefully I'll get it done during easter - when my American in-laws are visiting. My father in-law loves doing stuff like this, so he'll probably be happy to help.

Can't wait!

PS. No, I don't ice fish. I have never had much interest in it really, but never say never. Maybe one day that changes...

Shit fishing!