My first 10+ pike!!!

I went out this morning to fish some pike. I started off with some shallow trolling and did that for a while. Didn't catch anything - as expected really.

The water level in the river has went down drastically the last couple of days - especially during last night. It's almost down to the lowest level actually.

I went to a well known spot - it's known to hold big pike, but I have never had any luck there... until today! I put on a Savage Gear rubber shad (brown trout pattern). A couple of casts and something hit the lure. I was concentrated and sat the hook. At first I thought that this must be an OK fish. I was thinking maybe a 4-6 kg fish. But all of a sudden it took off on a hard run. Wow, this is something really big! After a couple of minutes I manged to pull it in far enough to see it. Holy shit! It was massive! I instantly knew that this is a PB for me! The fish did 4-5 long and hard runs and it took me about 10 minutes to net the old lady!

The problem with catching fish like this when you're alone in the boat, is taking pictures. It's friggin' hard! And the display on iPhones really suck out in bright light. I couldn't see the display and hence I couldn't see if I was getting good pictures... and I didn't. Not super bad, but they could have been a lot better.

I got the fish measured and weighed and by golly, new PB - with good margin. My biggest fish was up to this point 9060 grams and 106 cm.
This sucker was 10780 grams and 123 cm long! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

I got the fish back in the water and it took a while to get her swimming again. Man, what a wonderful feeling to see such a big fish swim back into the deep!
But, it doesn't end here! I turned the boat back to fish the same spot some more and I noticed something on the surface. It was my fish - floating up-side-down! Nooooo! I got a hold to try to save her from dying. It took me about 10-15 minutes, but finally she swam down to the bottom (it was really shallow there). She sat on the bottom for a while - which was a good sign - she wasn't turning up-side-down again. Finally, she took off and made the water murky from the sand/mud bottom! Happy times!

Still not finished...

I started fishing the same spot again. First cast and another huge fish attacked my lure again! It was about the same size as the first one and hit real close to the boat. A couple of headshakes and she was gone! I got a good look at her though - she looked more like a muskie than a pike. Real dark gray and the markings on her were pretty 'weak'. Anyways, I couldn't believe it. Two pikes around the same size on the same spot! And I lost one of them!!!! Argh!

A couple of more casts and WHAM! Again!!!! Different fish again, and again around the same size!!! What??!!?? She came off also I'm afraid! God damn motherf****!!!!

But you know what - I'm not allowed to be mad. I got my 10+ kg fish today and I couldn't be happier!

Go Team Riverpigs!

PS. We should have caught this fish last weekend! It would have been the winner fish - by far!

PSS. I wish I had gotten better pictures, but there's nothing I can do about that now.

Report from C&R pike competition

Ok, so we participated in Aremark Gjeddeklubb's C&R Pike Competition in Aspern and Ara near Halden this last weekend. Me and Ali headed out on Friday night and spent the night there (the competition started on Saturday morning). Why? Because the registration started fairly early Saturday morning and we wanted to avoid having to get up super early on Saturday to make the fairly long drive.

Our tents are up and ready

We got the boat on the water when we arrived and got the tent set up. We hung out for a while, talking to some of the other contestants (a majority of them had also showed up on Friday) before we decided to hit the sack.

Good night!

We didn't get much sleep that night. Hard and uneven ground plus some party-happy fishermen in the big tent right next to us contributed to that. Didn't matter though, we were up and running by 08:00 on Saturday.

Parking lot

Ali getting his rod ready ;)

We loaded the boat with all the fishing gear, food and other stuff and got registered. We got our catch form along with number tags for the fish and a measure board. Good to go!

We went out on the water about 09:30 and just hung around out there until 10:00 when the fishing could start.

Hanging around on the water waiting for the start time

We didn't really have a solid plan for how we would do our fishing, other than to do trolling for the most part - and stop for some spinfishing/jerkbaitfishing once in a while.
We had never been to this lake before - and other than studying a map of the lake and getting some tips from friends here and there, we didn't really know much about it. So, we tried staying close to shore as much as possible and just keep an eye on the sonar for edges.

The first part of the day Saturday was pretty decent for us. We caught 5 fish (I think) - where on of them was decent size. 85cm isn't really that bad. The rest though, were really small. 4 of the 5 were caught on trolling, while the last one was caught in a shallow bay while spinfishing.
Ali's new Swim Whizz Helin Frog was the hottest bait Saturday. It caught 3 fish I believe.

We fished the full day - until 21:00 when everybody had to quit fishing. Talking to some of the other guys it sounded like we had done fairly well with out 85cm fish. However, when we later talked to some more people, it turned out that we would need 3-4 more fish that size or bigger to have any chance what so ever. Oh well, it's not about winning...

We went to bed around 23:30 that night - after grilling (and eating) some hot dogs. We both slept really well actually.

The fishing could start at 06:00 on Sunday and sure enough - Team Riverpigs were up at 05:20 to get ready.

Ali digging in his tent at 05:30 in the morning

Sunday turned out to be really slow for us (and most of the others too). We caught 2 fish and they were really small. We needed some more and in bigger sizes! We saw lots of fish on the sonar (both Saturday and Sunday) but they weren't especially interested in our baits. We did the same thing as on the day before. Mostly trolling, but stopped for some spinning once in a while.

The fishing ended at 14:00 and we went in to give our report. 345cm for our 5 biggest fish. It obviously didn't give us any prizes, but in the end we ended up on a OK 14th place (shared that spot with another team). Not too bad I guess. 14th out of 37.

All in all the weekend was near perfect. Even though we didn't do super well fishing, a weekend of pure fishing, nice weather, nice company, nice camp ground, super nature and being part of such an event (it's fun when so many people with the same burning passion for pike fishing gather like this) - is so much fun!

Now we're looking forward to the next competition, which is Nedre Glomma Gjeddefestival in August. We attended this last year also, and since that event takes place on my "home river" Glomma, we hope to do even better this time. We now know the area better and we have equipped the boat so we can fish 5 rods at the same time, rather than 2 last year. It obviously gives us a better change of catching more fish.

The view from our tents

Saturday night dinner

Team Riverpigs are on YouTube!

For my birthday this year (which is on the 6th of May) I wanted a GoPro camera. And since my wife is the bestest wife in the world and my parents agreed to give me money, I got what I wanted. I got myself a GoPro Hero 3. I know, not the newest one, but it fit the "budget" fairly well and I think it'll serve my purposes just fine. So, the sole purpose of this camera is to make fishing videos. I have always immensely enjoyed watching fishing videos on YouTube or whatever. I love watching other people fish, talk about fishing, seeing them catch fish and so on. So of course, Team Riverpigs need to make their own. Maybe somebody will enjoy our videos too and heck, maybe even be inspired by them. The world is a strange place and bigger miracles have happened I guess. Anyways, as we speak, we have only produced one video. It's on our YouTube channel which can be found here: We'll be filming when we attend a local pike fishing competition next weekend, so watch out for a new video!

Team Riverpigs go international

So, this blog has been, from day one, in Norwegian. It was the most natural choice since both me and Ali are both Norwegian (though, Ali was born and lived the first years of his life in Somalia). However, since I have American family (my wife is American) and the thought that maybe others than Scandinavians might find this blog, I decided to change the language to English. Future posts will be in English and if I feel like it, I might translate, at least some, old posts to English as well. So, enjoy and don't get hooked up (pun intended) on bad grammar ok? PS. In Norway (and maybe Sweden and Denmark) we always say "Skitt fiske" to someone who are going out fishing. It's considered bad luck to say "Good luck" to a fisherman, so instead - "Skitt fiske". It might sound strange, and it truly is weird, but it translates to "shit fishing". Therefore I hereby introduce and will be using shit fish as a phrase here on this blog! Shit fish!