Change of name

So, Helge likes to make changes every now and then. So, let's change! We have now changed our name to Team Riverpigs! The name Team DCZ is "dead". The actual team hasn't changed. We're the same two weirdos still, but the name is different and obviously we have a new logo to go with it.

Pretty happy about the result.

Short explanation to the new name:
When I was a kid there was a show on TV called "Brødrene Dahl og professor Drøvels hemmelighet" - which was a kids show full of lame humor. These three brothers sent off on a quest to find a professor that had disappeared in the jungle. This quest was done in a canoe called "Elvegris" - or "Riverpig" in English. That is the first point that makes the name a bit funny and/or cool.
Secondly, big pikes are often called pigs. Thirdly, we fish in a river...
Get it?