Team Riverpigs will compete in Nedre Glomma Gjeddefestival

Team Riverpigs aim high this year and will compete in two competitions. The first one is Aremark Gjeddeklubb Gjeddekonkurranse in June and the other is Nedre Glomma Gjeddefestival in August.

We competed in NGGF last year also (for the first time), then under the name Team DCZ. The team is still the same, but with a new name.

We obviously are very exited and hope for a little better luck this year. Helge will be hunting for the big lady that he lost last year :).

Shit fish!

Report from our first pass this season

This season's first pike pass on Glomma is done. The weather forecast was spot on, lots of rain. It was pretty cold and it rained on us pretty much the whole time. Luckily it didn't poor down and most importantly - there was hardly any wind. We can live with that!

We were on the water about 10:30 and the plan was to fish until about 17:00 (Helge was going to a party that night). It never got that late since our fingers got too cold. But, we did get a few hours in.

We started with some trolling along an edge where the depth varied between 4 and 10 meters. We saw lots of fish on the sonar, but they just didn't want to take our baits.

After a while we decided to visit a very familiar spot and do some spin fishing with tail baits and jerkbaits. It didn't take long before we got a small one (about 2 kilos). It took on Svartzonker McMio. I had contact with another small one, but it didn't hit the bait right.

We drifted out into the current and along the rocky shore I had a good contact with a better fish. It scared the living shitters our of me, as it attacked my lure right by the boat. Didn't see that coming (I never do). I wasn't fast enough and didn't get to set the hook and it got away.

We trolled quite a bit more up the river without success. Again, we saw lots of fish on the sonar, but that doesn't really help does it, when they don't want to eat. We went down stream again and back to the spot where I lost the better fish. First cast and BANG! This time I was ready and hooked the lady. I got a nice jump and a few cool headshakes before Ali netted her and we got her in the boat. I struggled a bit with the unhooking so I didn't want to measure and weigh her. I'm pretty confident that she was about 6 kilos. A nice release followed and she was back in the water.

That was it, no more fish that day. We saw lots of fish on the sonar on the way home too, but no hits.

Absolutely great to have done our fish pass for the season and happy that we caught a decent fish. The weather could have been a bit more comfortable, but hey - we're not complaining!